Thursday, May 19, 2011

Verse for the day!

Verse for the Day - Ellerslie Introduction video!

Here is the video that I have been wanting to post about Ellerslie! I hope you enjoy it! Listen to it all the way to the end it's funny! So I guess I haven't done the greatest with having a photo up each day, but I'll keep working on it I guess! Have a wonderful day my friends and family!
With His love,
P.S. By the way the picture above is another that I picnicked!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Yeah I have loved thee with an everlasting love"!

Hi everybody,
So we are starting another week, and I haven't posted anything this past week. Oh my *sigh*. Oh well. I have a few for this week of photo's that I have picnicked so check back and hopefully I will have one up for each day! I am posting the picture and a poem (which my sister Karissa already posted on her blog) but I thought that a few different people read my blog, so if you have already read it you don't have to read it again, but if you haven't I hope you enjoy it! This photo took SO long to picnick, but it was very worth it! I love it so much! You know why? Because these special birds mean so much to me, every time I see them they remind me of God's love for me! And so we went to a mother daughter tea a couple weeks ago and this is what it was about redbirds, rubies, and rainbows! There was even a cardinal statue on the table! It was very nice and I enjoyed it very much! Anyways I hope you enjoy your day, and remember how much your Saviour loves you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh by the way if you click on the photo you can see it bigger so you can read it!!

Redbirds, Rubies, & Rainbows

Life is a struggle in so many ways
Filled with uncertainty day after day
And our hearts cry out with frustration and doubt
And then a redbird appears from somewhere

A REDBIRD is a reminder of God's special love
That He pours on His children from heaven above
And as sure as we know that the struggles are here
We can also be certain the redbird will appear.

And as the redbird is a sign of His love
We are its object- His beloved
And He has designed us with beauty and care
And made us rubies of loveliness rare.

The RUBY- a beautiful gem- and so grand.
Is a reminder we're wonderfully made from His hand-
With passion and life and devotion and love
All part of our great Creator above.

And then as a special gift in the midst of our trials
He sends forth His rainbow with a loving smile-
A reminder that His promises we need to believe
And we need to eagerly reach out and receive.

Each RAINBOW tells us to heed God's Word
And apply to our hearts the promises we've heard
Yes, the redbirds, the rubies, the rainbows in the sky
Are all reminders of a loving Father on high.

-Susanna- <3

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hi Everybody!
How was your week? I have so much stuff that I want to blog and I have been working on it a little bit but didn't get any of the "big projects" done today that I wanted to so I figured I would start out the week with another one of David Jeremiah's devotional and then see if I can't get one of those bigger posts up sometime this week! It's been so nice out, and God's creation is Magnificent! I hope you will all take some time to thank God for all that He has done for us!
In Christs love,
Susanna <3
"O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever".
-1 Chronicles 16:34

Conditions For Happiness

"Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good; Blessed is the man that trusteth in Him." -Psalm 34:8

In the Old Testament, the word "blessed" or "happy" comes from a verb that means "to go straight; to advance." It was gradually used to refer to leading others straight ahead or in the right path, then to setting things right, and then to be right oneself- or to be happy, blessed or in the best place.

There is a lot of advice in the world about how to be happy, how to live a happy life. One popular lifestyle guru talks about "living your best life." But none of this advice squares with how the Bible describes true happiness or blessedness. Thirteen times in Scripture the phrase "blessed is the man who........" is used, and few of the conditions for happiness would be recommended by the world: meditating on God's word, having a pure spirit, trusting in God, learning God's precepts, fearing God, listening to God, enduring temptation and others. Drawing on the Old Testament examples, Jesus created His own list of nine conditions for happiness- the Beatitudes, or "be-attitudes" as they have been called.

What are your conditions for happiness? If they are the Bible's, you'll never be happier; if the world's, never sadder.

Turning PointTo seek God is to desire happiness; to find Him is that happiness.
From David Jeremiah's Devotional, May 2011