Friday, July 24, 2009

Some random pictures, and some pictures of my cousin Dawna's graduation party!!!

A morning glory on our neighbors mailbox and the reason I took this was because there was a gold ladybug on there mailbox (which is pictured below) and then I took this afterwards!
The gold ladybug, it was so cool!

Art :>)

Mom's flower art, and I forget what these are called so I will ask her and post it next time with a different colored one!

OK these pictures are like backwards because this was towards the end of the day when we took the tent down, but anyways some of the guys took it down and then we all got around it and like pulled it up like a tent and ran around under it until it came back down. If you know what I mean?! It was a lot of fun though!

Auntie Becky (our Dad's cousin Ronny's wife, we call them Aunt and Uncle) and there oldest daughter Corinne.

The Paull's friends from Canada Josianne and Philippe Leduc.

They had borrowed this cool bounce house from there friends and the kids loved it!

They had this tent set up behind there house with tables under it and stuff. You can also see Kristianna and Lydia (our Dad's cousin, Ronny's daughter) jumping on there trampoline!

Dawna's cake! It was carrot w/ cream cheese frosting! YUM!

Joshua (Kristina's 1st son)!

One of the flowers in the bouquet that Dawna got. This is one of my favorite flowers along with roses.
The bouquet that Dawna got.

Karissa and Lauren doing something at the piano.

Jake, Karissa, Lauren, Caleb, Corinne around the piano.

Dawna opening some of her presents and cards

Ben and Ben! This is our new 2nd cousin Ben (our cousin Kristina's baby), and our cousin Ben!!!

Some of the kids making a circle thing. We were sort of sat on each others laps or something?!

Dawna, Jake, Josianne and Philippe.

Kristianna and Lydia

Me pushing Daniel around on the scooter. Daniel wasn't feeling good that day so we were just trying to make him happy!

The girls holding up the graduate Dawna!!!! Congratulations Dawna!!!!

Some of the girls posing for a photo from left o right: Karlie, Corinne, Karissa, Lauren, Me, Dawna, Denise, Josianne, and Michelle.

OK, well I am off to bed. That took a long time! I hope I will do a little better next time of doing the pictures in order and I hope I will get some more pictures up soon. We had a blast in N.H. and I can't wait to go up again soon! I hope you all enjoyed looking at the pictures and I hope you all have a great day tomorrow! And don't forget to come back soon and check in!! :P
With love,

Psalm 46:10
"Be still and know that I am God."

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  1. Great Pictures! I really like those flowers too...they come in so many different colors too and they last for a while, even after they're cut! It looks like you had a lot of fun at the graduation party!? It's nice that you have a lot of cousin's your age! It's good to see Christina's babies! They're so cute! =D

    I was glad to see you at the wedding on Saturday! I wish we had more time to spend together though! It was busy! Plus, it was your mom's 1/2 birthday and I forgot to wish her a happy 1/2 birthday!!! =\ I'm going to go send her an ecard!

    We'll be at Alton Bay Saturday, Sunday, and Monday this weekend! I hope it's nice, maybe we can go to the beach was really fun the last time to sit and chat! =D

    Call or email anytime!

    I love you,
    Auntie Jenn


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