Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pictures from Alton Bay 2009!!!

And to start of this post the day we were leaving, we went to the beach for a bit and we saw that they were closing the sandbox up so we went and asked if we could work and they let some of us do it! It was really fun! So this is Caleb, Corbin Johnson, and I standing there for a group shot :>) Thanks for taking the picture Karissa!

This was fun Dad (well actually us, some of us) got to ring the bell for some of the church services and some of us took turns doing it. So this is Corbin Johnson doing it

And this is Lukas Johnson doing it.

And this is Micah doing it.

Then this was a shot of the moon and there was a tiny star right beside it but you can't see it on here oh well. Like I said we are not to good with the camera and all it's settings yet.

Micah peeked out of the window after I took the picture below.... And he said where are the police!!! The flash was so brite he thought there were police out there!!!

This picture is of the moon and it was really pretty, but the picture doesn't show it nearly as well. We are still new to our 2 cameras

And then this is up were the fire happened, and actually now that big pileof stuff isn't there and we got to watch the fireworks for Old Home Day up there. I forgot the camera for that too :>(..... It was a really good view but it was also kind of sad thinking about all the people who used to have cottages up there and maybe would have been able to have been there if the fire hadn't have happened.... But God allows things for a reason and we can only trust Him.

This was a beautiful rainbow and it so big and it was actually double rainbow at first but by the time I got the camera it was only one. I took a bunch of different shots some up close and stuff but I choose this one for now. And this was over Beacon ave. too which was cool (where the fire was).

This is junior choir practice on one of the Saturday mornings.

This was so cute Derek and Lydia were going to go over Lydia's cottage to watch a movie, and they left and went over before Auntie Becky could even get over there and they started walking like this!!! I am glad I had the camera right there for that one!!!

Julianna and Leah wearing there matching bathingsuits!!

This also was supposed to go after those because this is the 2nd on they made, it didn't go as well as the first one did.

Ok this is step 3. So go to step one and look at them backwards.

This is step 2.

Now this is funny some kids were trying to make a volcano in the field so they made a sand pile and put some baking powder I believe in the hole and then poured on the vineger, and there is three steps so it was kind of cool. It did not over flow as much as we thought it would. Oh man there going to be backwards you think I would have figured that out by now :>(. this is step one.

Kristianna and Josiah playing behind the cottage.

Derek and Micah playing playmobile out behind our cottage.

While we were having Derek's party at our cottage I got to hold Micah Dennett, he is so cute!

Kristianna and Lydia.

We thought that this was so cute, Micah and Lydia talking or whatever they are doing!

Micah, Derek, and Lydia on the seesaw.

Kristianna, Karissa, Daniel, and Katie on the slide for a picture!

Katie and Kristianna on the slide @ the playground, in N.H.!!

Daniel on the slide!

Daniel on the seahorse.

Daniel and I on the tire swing in the field at Alton Bay (He is laughing there but you can't tell as much with a smaller picture).

Kristianna and I on the tire swing.

Well you all have a good day!! By the way I had this post ready for a couple days now I just had to finish it up and post it.


  1. Hello! =) Great pictures! You do just fine with the cameras...some pictures are just harder to take than others! =) I really like the rainbow one over Beacon! That’s amazing! I think it was sad to watch the fireworks from there. =( I especially like the picture of Karissa, KT, Kristi, and Daniel on the slide! That turned out really well!

    So, how have you been? What have you been up to? We are going to try to come to Caleb’s baseball game!

    Work is pretty crazy today! We ran out of a part and we can’t find any more anywhere!!! We’ve searched the whole internet! Hope today goes better….! =D


    Auntie Jenn

  2. Thanks Auntie Jenn!!

    Well I am doing pretty good. How about you? We haven't been up to to much lately... Kristi, Micah and Julianna have been going down to swim in the lake at some peoples house that we know, and they have a slide and everything so they have a blast! I took some pictures that we will have to show you or post sometime. I haven't gone yet but I might sometime we will see. We also went to this little water park the other day wich was fun and cool. That would be awesome if you could come to Caleb's game. I might be able to make blueberry buckle and bring it up to the game!

    I hope so too. Wow losing a part and not being able to find another one!!!

    It has been so hot these past dew days. I am really looking forward to fall!! Well thanks again and I will talk to you soon!
    P.S. I am thinking about getting a gmail account like those guys so that I can chat with Some friends and also some cousins, what do you think?!

  3. That's good that you have a few places to go swimming! You should go down to the lake too! [ I’m sure you’ve been busy with other things, so that’s why you haven’t gone!] Where is the water park that you went to? It’s been really hot so I’m glad you’ve had a couple ways of cooling off! Maybe you should drive to Nashua and go in the pool at our apartment!?!? =D

    I’m looking forward to the cooler weather though! I want to take the dogs for a walk and don’t want to go far because it’s so hot! A couple nights we’ve waited until later so it’s a bit cooler!

    It’s not bad to have an extra email account…especially if you can chat with more people! I say “go for it”! =) You might want to start a list of all your accounts and passwords since you’re starting more…in case you forget one of them! You could put it on a 3x5 card in your address box…! Just a thought!

    I told Karissa an update on her blog about the ‘missing part’ I had at work this week, if you’re interested! The week has turned out a little better than it was yesterday! =\

    I’ll let you know about the baseball game…as long as we won’t miss church on Sunday, I think we’ll be able to come! Blueberry Buckle….yum!!! =D


    Auntie Jenn


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